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Farmington Valley MudHogs Cheerleading 2021 Information

The Farmington Valley MudHogs Cheerleading program is a member of the

AYC (American Youth Cheer) and CTYFC (Connecticut Youth Football and Cheer Conference)

Congratulations to our 12U team who placed first in their division at the 2019 CTYFC Competition!



The goal of the AYC is safety in cheerleading. This organization has specific guidelines and safe cheer practice and stunt progressions. All of our coaches are required to complete the ASEP Coaches Course, CPR certification and USA Football Heads Up certification, providing them with Concussion Recognition & Response training.  With safety as our goal, we ask that all cheer athletes plan to attend all practices and games. Attendance is mandatory because of the nature of cheer group formation and stunting. If one member of a stunt group is absent, the entire group cannot practice together. In fairness to all of the athletes, please do not sign up for cheerleading if you cannot make this commitment.

Mudhogs 2021 Cheer Practice Schedule


August 16th-19th and 23rd-26th

  • Where: Farmington High School

  • When: Monday-Thursday

  • Time: All Squads 6-8pm

  • ***Please come to the first practice with all paperwork, found under the documents tab, filled out. Also an original birth certificate or passport and a copy of their last report card or grades on power schools is needed in order to practice. The birth certificate/passport will be returned once it is seen by the CTYFC conference cheer director, which is usually after the first week of September. If you are a returning cheerleader you do not need you birth certificate as it was seen last year and signed off on.


August 31st-End of football season:


  • Where: FHS Upper Field until practice moves inside then (C squad Union School, B&A squad FHS)

  • When: A/B/C squads: ? Tuesday and Thursdays (this is tentative and could change according to school schedules)

  • Time: A&B squads 6-8 pm, C squad 6-7:30 pm​


October 2021

  • CTYFC Conference Competition: TBD. This is an all day event.

November 2021

  • CT States Cheer Competition: TBD. This is an all day event.

Cheerleading Guide
Welcome to all our new cheerleaders!  Welcome back to our returning cheerleaders!  Each of you has an important role with your squad and we look forward to a great season!
Cheerleading has fast become a “real” athletic sport with much physical activity.  We want all the girls to have a wonderful experience cheering with us in an environment in which everyone is comfortable. 
As such, we ask that each cheerleader and parent read the guidelines.  Please keep in mind that these guidelines have been put in place with the safety and cohesiveness of each squad as our top priority.  Kindly sign where indicated, detach and return to your Team Manager prior to picking up your uniform.


All cheerleaders are required to have a complete filled out and signed medical/consent to treat form before they are allowed to practice or stunt.  The form must be signed by the child's physician, and must be current in order for them to participate.  The form is located in the documents section of our website's homepage (in the left hand side of the screen , as part of the vertical menu). Only the AYF/AYC medical consent form will be accepted, not the MUDHOGS one, that is for football.
Please note that safety is our number one priority, therefore parents must refrain from interacting with the squad during outdoor practices. We will have a dedicated parents’ area for all outdoor practices.

This season's registration fee includes the following uniform pieces needed to cheer (see below.)  Additional items can be purchased at an additional cost. Please make sure to register your child online ASAP, and make sure you answer all the questions regarding uniform sizing.

Cheer Uniforms
The league will provide each girl in all squads with:

  • Cheer skirt, shirt, shell, sneakers, cropped undershirt,  hair bow, and briefs.
  • The uniform will not be handed out to the cheerleader until all forms have been collected and registration has been paid.
  • We will be doing a uniform pick up this year on date TBD at Roos Storage. 
  • Each girl will also be responsible for going to Dancingly Yours to be fitted for sneakers and briefs. 


1)For safety purposes, no jewelry is allowed.  Rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets or any type of earrings are not permitted.  Please do not wear hair bands on wrists.
a)The first time a cheerleader shows up at practice with jewelry she will be spoken to  by the team manager/coach
b)The second time a cheerleader shows up for practice with jewelry the team Manager/coach will speak with the Parent
c)The third time the cheerleader shows up with jewelry she will be asked to sit down and will not practice or perform depending on whether this is a practice day or game day.
2)Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail for all practices and games. It MUST be kept out of their eyes and off of their shoulders.
3)Please, use bathroom facilities before arriving to practice.
4)Fingernails should be clipped and filed.
5)Wear comfortable/appropriate clothing to each practice:  T-shirt, shorts, socks, and sneakers.  A light jacket or sweatshirt may be necessary for cooler weather.  Bug spray and sunscreen are recommended.
6)No bare feet, flip-flops, sandals or slip-on shoes.
7)No lotion on your arms, legs or hands.
8)No gum chewing.
9)No cell phone use/texting during practice or games.  Should an emergency arise, inform a Team Mom or Coach immediately.
10)Bring a water bottle to each practice and game.  The bottles should contain clear liquids only (no colored juice, Gatorade, etc.).  Dispose of all empty bottles in garbage receptacles.
11) Please, be prompt for all practices and games.  If delayed, kindly e-mail or call your Team Mom and she will inform the Coaches.  Stunt groups and line formations are difficult to alter and girls who arrive late may have to “sit out”.
12)All cheerleaders should respect their teammates and coaches.
13)It is vital for safety purposes that Coaches have each girl’s full attention and that they follow directions at all times.  Girls receiving more than two reminders will be asked to “sit out”.
14)Check e-mails on a daily basis for any practice/game updates or inclement weather changes.
15)If during a practice or game there is a sudden weather change, please return immediately to pick up your daughter.
16)When dropping off your child for practices/games, please make sure you make visual contact with the Team Moms or Coaches so that no one is dropped off without supervision or picked up. Your children’s safety is imminent.
17)Please be prompt when returning for pick up as the Team Moms must remain until all girls have left.
18)If your daughter sustains an injury or sudden illness during a practice or game, a Team Mom will notify you immediately.  Please make sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date.
19)If your daughter sustains any type of injury or temporary physical limitation, please advise a Team Manager or Coach prior to practice or game time.
20)If your daughter has a life-threatening medical condition (bee allergy, etc.) which requires immediate intervention, please remain on hand at practices and games with the proper medication (Epi-pen, etc.).
21)Please do not drop off any siblings or friends during practices or games that will not be supervised by an adult.
22)During games all girls should remain in line formation, focus on the game and await direction from the Coaches.  There should be no talking or walking around the sidelines.
23) Half-time is less than ten minutes. This year the squads will be performing during half time. The squad will not be allowed to visit the concession stand during this time.
24)Please refrain from eating pizza, using ketchup and mustard, or drinking colored juices/sports drinks while in uniform.  The fronts of the shells (sleeveless vests) are bright white and stain easily.  After games the girls may remove the shells and eat anything they wish.
25)The cheer uniform consists of a skirt, shell, leotard, briefs, socks, cheer sneakers and hair ribbon which are to be worn to all games.  During warmer weather it may not be necessary to wear the long-sleeved, white leotard; however, that decision will be made on a game-to-game basis by your Team Mom.  Always bring the leotard with you and be prepared to put it on, if necessary. 
26)Please wash the skirt and shell with care, preferably in cold water, and hang to dry.  These will be returned to the league at the end of the season.
The Mudhogs organization is a self-sufficient entity run solely on a volunteer basis.  Every board member, coach and team parent devotes their time to make this league successful.  We welcome and encourage all parents to lend a helping hand and ask that everyone respect the dedication of our volunteers.  We request that any comments, questions or concerns be directed to either your Team Manager or Cheer Director.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Your Cheer Directors,

Heather Dell'Aera and Missy Jannetto

Live. Love. Cheer.



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